Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Big Girl's Bedroom - Update 9/19

So we're making some good progress and things are chugging along.  We're trying to get past a few major milestones by the time Sarah's birthday rolls around (next week - eeeek!), and I'm pretty nervous about making those.

This past weekend was pretty equal time spent between me & Jason in the room.  A second coat of paint, paint in the closet, and baseboards.  Plus some patching on the ceiling.

Here's a quick before shot:

And here's a look at how things are right now:

And a look at the baseboards:

In the first pic, you can see the way we work around the vents - creating sort of a frame around them.  I like how it adds a bit of interest in an otherwise bland space.

In the second pic, you can see one issue we are having with our walls - they're not really flat.  Most houses are imperfect (nothing really level, plumb or square), and these walls are very undulating, so the base hangs out a bit from the wall.  We're working on a solution - nailing, maybe screwing - plus caulk and it'll look perfect!

So that's what we were up to in Sarah's room!

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  1. Love the color! I wish I could paint this color instead of pink and purple :) Thanks for joining us for the CHQ Blog Hop - hope to see you again next week! :)

    1. I'm so glad she's over pink - it was quite crazy for a while ;) thanks for stopping by!



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