Monday, August 6, 2012

A Big Girl's Bedroom - Getting the ball rolling!

This past weekend was our first weekend at home after vacation and we decided it was time to get started on Sarah's bedroom re-do.

Now for those of you who aren't familiar with our little house, we have 2 upstairs bedrooms and one downstairs bedroom.  When we first moved in, we renovated the 2nd floor and added a bunch of square footage with a shed dormer, but during construction (a lengthy DIY), Jason and I used the first floor bedroom as the master.  Sarah was sleeping in the dining room (aren't we fancy).

So the "back room" as we called it was painted a terrifying turquoise (not a great choice by me, but live & learn, right?).  I put up some roman shades and made them pretty with some brown grosgrain ribbon trim.  And once we moved to our new bedrooms on the 2nd floor, the first floor room became a playroom for Sarah.  Lucky girl!

Here's the room all set up as a guest room with an air bed for some visitors.

A few years later we had a new baby boy and it became clear that eventually separate bedrooms would be best for these 2, so we're moving Sarah into a new big girl bedroom on the first floor.

The first step is clearing out the space and that's what we started doing this weekend.  Unfortunately, it seems that this sort of thing is a cascading clear the room we have to clean parts of the basement (to make room for stuff) and our bedroom (to make room for stuff) and the kids closet (to make room for stuff).  Monday is here and while we haven't emptied the room yet, we have made tons of progress on the peripheral spaces, so much that by the time next weekend rolls around, I'm pretty confident that we'll have a clean slate to begin the REAL work in that room.

Here's a sneak peek at what we need to delve into before Sarah can call it home:

  • Patching walls
  • Baseboard installation
  • Closet repairs
  • Door trim
  • New doorknob
  • Rewiring a few things
  • Paint!!!!

I'm tired already!!  Actually I'm super excited to get this room set up for my big girl, and she's excited too!

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