Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Big Girl's Bedroom - The Plan

OK, we Got the Ball Rolling, Inspiration, and the Clean Slate, so now let's take a look at the plan.

*Note: Anything in this plan is subject to change, delay, or omission.  Also things can be added to the plan.  We're working with a nearly-6-year-old girl so who knows what may happen, we may have to add some Power Rangers features as well.

Let's take a look at the closet side of the room:

  • Fully demo closet
  • Put up drywall in closet, tape and mud seams/screws
  • Add casing to closet opening, leaving enough room for doors one day
  • Add closet shelf all the way across & down one side for kid stuff, hanging rod on left for clothes
  • Sew curtain for closet
  • Move phone & wireless router
  • Prime and paint bookshelf (it's in the upstairs kid room right now unpainted)
  • Find a full-length mirror for behind the door
  • Create surf related art

Let's take a look at the window side:

  • Baseboards throughout the room
  • Repaint her bed and make a few repairs so it's easier to change sheets
  • Update headboard for her beachy theme (making it non-permanent)
  • Find new bedding (I think we already found it!)
  • Shades, curtains and maybe valances or cornices
  • Gussy up a bulletin board so she can display her favorite artwork
  • Repaint dressers and find new hardware
  • Find area rug - needs to work w/the color scheme and be inexpensive (it'll probably get trashed)
  • We're considering some crown molding to give the room a polished look
  • Paint the entire room a new shade of blue - something less intense
And there it is!  A plan of action - the challenge will be to see whether we can get her in there before school starts after Labor Day - I think we can.  I'll keep everyone posted as we progress.

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