Monday, August 20, 2012

A Big Girl's Bedroom - Closet Demo

The closet demo is done!

When you think about a closet, you really need to consider it as a small room.  It has 4 walls, ceiling, floor, and door to think about (in this case 4th wall really is just the doorway).  There's also usually shelves and a hanging rod.  For this one closet, it took probably 6 contractor bags of plaster and wallboard to take it down to studs.  It's a loud and messy job, and I'm glad it's done!

There are a few things to take in here.

See that concrete block and brick?  Yep that's the exterior wall of the house.  The first floor of our house isn't timber framed, but block and brick.  And there's no insulation, nor is there room for a standard fiberglass batting insulation.  In places where we've taken down the plaster before, we've used a rigid foam insulation which doesn't meet code for R- values, but it's better than nothing.

Also the walls aren't 2x4 construction - they're 2x3s. Undoubtedly this was a cost-cutting measure back in 1955, but now it's just an annoyance.  And it looks like a previous homeowner DIY'd the doorframe to make it taller, but they sorta cut out the studs and pushed the header up so there's a gap of about 1.5" between the header and the studs.  Luckily it's not load bearing and we can fix it up.

Another tricky thing is that the plaster & wallboard were much thicker than standard 1/2" drywall.  No biggie?  Well actually the issue is that the flooring only runs into where the plaster was so that if we just put up the drywall we'll have a gap.  So we'll be building it out a bit.  And by "we," I mean Jason.

So there it is! A demolished closet and ready for the next step!

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