Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Big Girl's Bedroom: Clean Slate

And we're DONE!  No, not with the room, but with clearing it out.  Let me just explain what caused this to me a monumental task.  Like many Americans, the Monkey household is one of consumers.  We like our stuff and our tiny little house is full.  This room was no exception, so clearing it out wasn't like those shows on tv where they time lapse people happily moving furniture and throw pillows, it meant that we had to empty drawers, sort through boxes and rehome tons of toys.  And because the house is full (did I mention that we have a lot of stuff), this project meant we had to clean, declutter, and decrap other spaces: basement, current  kids' room closet, Jason's closet.  This was a cascading project that eventually had me organizing on 3 levels and in 5 different rooms.  Yuck.  But we got it done and it only took like 2 weeks.

So here's the room - first is the view of the door and closet.  Jason sorta jumped the gun and started pulling stuff out of the closet, but that's ok.  The closet is going to be a big job because we actually need to demo the whole thing to studs because it's paint over wallpaper and the plaster is in rough shape.  In the photo you can see patches in the ceiling from when we put in the ceiling light fixture.  Jason has also basically rewired the whole room - none of the outlets were grounded.  Another project we need to do as part of this is to relocate the phone and the wireless router to elsewhere in the house.  Both are things that have been on "the list" for a while.

Next up is the view from the closet, toward the windows.   Like those blinds?  My very first DIY Ikea hack :)  I wish I had thought to take pics of that way back in 2007!  Anyway you can see her the super gross carpet (totally worth the $60 we spent on it), and you see the dresser that will definitely be an upcoming project; there are 2 and both will be repainted and given updated hardware for Sarah's room.

Well, there you have it!  A clean slate to begin our work!  Coming soon is a post with the project plan listing out all the tasks (big & small) that need to be done before we call this one done.

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