Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Love Martha

I was in Staples today for the first time in a zillion years and as I was perusing the back of the store, I came across a huge display of Martha Stewart paper products, office supplies, and desktop organizers. I practically swooned.   Everything was so pretty!

Now because I was at Staples to pick up back-to-school stuff for Sarah's first day of Kindergarten tomorrow, I resisted the temptation to clear the place out.  Also, we don't have a need for this stuff (yet), so it's good that I didn't just buy for the fun of it.

I did leave with a super cool stick-on dry-erase board.  Where might I put such a thing?  How about the fridge!?!?  I just gave the fridge a good wipe down with a Clorox wipe to make sure it was free of anything gross and stuck the dry-erase surface right on there.

Check it out:

In addition to the great self-stick, removable dry erase surface, I also snagged a pack of fine-tip dry erase markers by Quartet.  Here's why those rock.  They have a built in eraser in each top PLUS a magnet.  So yeah, my markers stick to the fridge and they erase.  I love them.

I figure we'll use this to write down important memos, phone numbers, and grocery items as we think of them.

So did you buy anything for yourself while doing back-to-school shopping?  Clothes?  Shoes?  School supplies?!?

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