Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Recipe - Crustless Quiche

Long time, no blog, right?

Yeah, well January has been very January-ish around these parts.  We've all been healthy and all that. We've had more than our usual snowfall, which the kids have been enjoying this winter.  So where have I been?  Nowhere.  Just not posting.

Well here's a little something for you guys - a recipe!  I don't post recipes that often and that's really because I don't come up with them on my own.  I do modify recipes to make them suit our preferences or make them lighter or something.  Today's recipe, though, is one of my go-to low carb recipes.  We don't always eat low carb, but when we do, I usually make this.  It's very tasty.
Crustless Quiche (and I apologize for the slightly blurry pics - phone issues)

1 yellow onion
1 package frozen chopped spinach (thawed and all water squeezed out)
6-ish oz of swiss cheese
1 small-ish ham steak (any flavor)
6-8 eggs
heavy cream/light cream/half & half...your preference
Salt, pepper, thyme, nutmeg

Do ahead - caramelize your onions.  I usually slice & cook a whole bunch of onions and keep them in the fridge to use during the week.  Here's how:  slice up a bunch of onions and put them in a nonstick skillet on low heat with butter & olive oil.  Cook a loooooong time, stirring often.  They are done when the are soft & brown.  And they smell amazing.

On to the quiche!

Preheat the oven to about 375 and liberally grease your pie dish with butter (salted or unsalted, doesn't matter).

Cube up your ham steak and cook in a skillet on medium heat until warm through.  This isn't strictly necessary, but I like the way the juices of the ham taste when they sizzle up, so I do it :)  If you don't have ham steak, you can use deli ham, sliced up into small pieces.  Or you could opt for a different meat (bacon, sausage..) or leave it out.  I like it, so in it goes.

Shred your cheese into a mixing bowl, add ham, some onions (about a quarter cup cooked), and the thawed spinach.  Stir it up until all the ingredients are well combined.  Pour into the prepared pie dish.  

Using the same bowl, beat your eggs (I say 6-8 because who knows how many you have on hand and how you like it).  Add in cream/half & half and beat until it looks a nice pale yellow.  You can add more or less.  I'm not being exact here, which might frustrate some, but I don't measure when I do this.  Then crank in some pepper, add salt (like 1/4 tbsp - the ham is plenty salty), thyme & nutmeg (about 1/4 tsp each) and beat again.  Pour the egg mixture over the spinach/ham mixture in the pie plate.  If it looks like it will overflow, STOP.  Put the pie plate in the oven (on a cookie sheet if you're worried about splatter or overflow) and bake for about 35-40 minutes, or until the thing sets.  When you give it  a wiggle, it shouldn't really jiggle.

I like to let it sit & cool for about 10 minutes before serving.

Eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 New Year's Resolutions

For the past few years, I've taken the time to actually do a little post abpit my resolutions.  Last year's were quite traditional:  lose weight (fail), get more sleep (fail), take on a big house project (SUCCESS!) and build blog readership (hard to say....).  And this year, I wasn't all jazzed up to set out any more big resolutions.  But today I read a little something and I changed my mind.  I do have one.


I really think this is a good one to focus on.  I read a little thing online today that really hit home.  While procrastination may be a "victimless crime" (nobody is going to starve or be forced to wear dirty undies on my watch), it does impact overall happiness.  

Think about it this way.  I like to watch tv.  But which is more satisfying - watching an hour of TV with piles of laundry around waiting to be washed/folded?  or watching an hour of TV in a clean and uncluttered space because all that laundry is DONE and put away?

I find myself taking my leisure whenever I want rather than taking it after I earn it.  This leaves some tasks un-done (or done after midnight, pushing bedtime out later...hence the fail at my "get more sleep" resolution from last year).

So that's it.  End Procrastination.  I start tomorrow.



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