Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Year Blogiversary!

I have seen a number of blogs out there that put out a post on their blog's birthday so I figured I'd do the same.  But to properly do this, I should go back in time a bit to explain it all.  I started this blog a looooong time ago, like way back in 2008 sometime (I think) I registered the blog on and I did a few weird posts that were about nothing.  I didn't really get what blogging was, just that I knew a few friends who had blogs and they had fun with it.  My weird blogging experience didn't stick.

Fast forward to 2010 when a dear friend introduced met to  My friend is a reader over there and she said they had the greatest home style and very funny posts about their house, their dog, etc.  And as I popped over there and started clicking around I realized a few things:
  • That my friend was right about John & Sherry having great taste
  • That I hated the style of everything in my house
  • And that THIS is the kind of blog I enjoyed reading!
So I instantly became hooked.  First I started reading a few days a week.  Then I started checking in at lunchtime at work.  Then I realized that there were MORE blogs like this - about houses, homes, recipes, family stuff, organization.  And I was hooked on the blogosphere and all it had to offer!

And it was after I made a skirt for Sarah last fall (following a tutorial on MADE) that I decided that I wanted to share it.  And a photo on Facebook with a caption wasn't going to be enough.  And then I thought about all the other things I wanted to do and make and thought, well maybe I'll write about it on my dumb blog that I had a million years ago.  And so I did.  Here's that post.

The old weird posts are gone (thankfully), and I've spent the last 12 months doing more projects around the house than I would have and doing more fun stuff with my family and chronicling it in a more complete and thoughtful way than I would have if not for the blog.  So the blog has been really good for us.

Here's a few things we've done in the last year:

  • New light in the downstairs bedroom
  • Painted a chandelier
  • Decoupaged a bunch of stuff
  • Cooked some yummy things and baked even more
  • Sewed an apron and a tooth fairy pillow
  • Put up curtains
  • Got a PUPPY!
  • And MORE!

So here's what you can hope for in the future - more learning from me.  I love a challenge and projects and changing my house.  I love seeing what other bloggers are doing and thinking of how I could make something work for me.

Thank you so much if you've read the blog.  And thank you even more if you've taken the time to comment - here, on FB or on twitter.  It's the conversation that helps us all grow!

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