Sunday, September 9, 2012

TV Review - Sarah's House

Quite simply, Sarah's House is my very favorite design show.  I could watch it all day long.  Designer Sarah Richardson takes on one room at a time in her house (or another house or whatever).  She starts out with some concept - a boy's bedroom, a master bath, craft room, laundry room - and pick fabric, paint, counter, cabinets etc to suit the needs.  The best part of the show is that she not only has fantastic taste, but she explains why she chose something.  It's the explanation that draws me in.

Sarah will explain that she chose a piece of furniture because the lines mimic a pattern in one of the fabrics.  She'll choose fabrics that share a color story and uses them in ways that bring a richness and completeness to a room.  She  talks ab out combining hard and soft surfaces for an inviting feel.  She works with her design side-kick Tommy, who provides a second opinion, plays devils advocate and turns a design lesson into more of a conversation.  Plus I like his glasses.

Just a few warnings, sometimes the budget is through the roof  - like only $15,000 for a laundry room!  Oh the horror :)  But the result is always beautiful.  Also, it's not a DIY show, so it's like she picks paint or wallpaper and BLAM it's done!  None of the sweating, frustration, and swearing of great oaths that happen when I do things like paint or wallpaper.  No worries, maybe someday I'll have a staff to do that for me too!

For more information about Sarah Richardson, check out her website here.

And her show, Sarah's House, can be seen randomly on HGTV.

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