Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer's End

What is it about the end of summer that makes me feel a little sentimental?  I think I've always felt this way about the end of summers, even going back to childhood.  I guess it's a bit of sadness at getting back to such  rigid structure that comes with the school year.  I say sadness, but I really am looking forward to the year, too.  Sarah is starting Kindergarten, Chris is starting a toddler preschool program.  Big adventures for both.

Overall, we had a great summer.  We did a ton and were still able to relax and enjoy as well.

Here's a few highlights of our summer:

June (ok, maybe that first one is may :)

July - we went to the shore

August - lots of work on Sarah's room - plus as much fun as we could pack in.  But apparently I took no photos.  Well, I did, but nothing awesome enough to share.  Mostly stuff inside the house.  I resolve to take more photos this fall of fun stuff like pumpkins, church fairs, Halloween costumes, birthdays, and turkey dinners.

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