Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beagle Love

It's been about two and a half months since we visited Barren Hills Beagles and brought home our girl Rosie (check that out here), and in that time Rosie has been getting accustomed to a very different life.  

Other than regular visits with her sister Darby (like this playdate here), Rosie lives a solo beagle life.  She's our only pet (I'm not counting Sarah's fish), which I think makes her both the center of attention but also maybe a little lonely.  

Rosie is now a suburban beagle instead of a farm dog.  For the first few weeks, she smelled very "farmy", like a dirty cow field or something.  The aroma eventually faded and now she smells perfectly beagle-y.  Especially when she's wet.  She has a crate inside (farm dogs sleep outside).  And instead of roaming with a pack of friends, she spends her outside time on a cable in the back yard where she likes to see what's hidden under the grass. 

This past week I've found myself wondering if she's really happy here.  I mean, she's got dog toys, good eats, and a warm place to sleep.  She gets lots of love too.   But I still wonder if she's as in love with us as we are with her. 

And then I snapped this little gem a few days ago:

 Note the full on tongue-face contact.  I think she likes us :)  

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