Friday, February 10, 2012

A trip to Ikea

I may be the only one but when I think of Ikea I immediately think of the song "Maria" in West Side Story - just sub in "Ikea" for "Maria" and instead of "I just kissed a girl" you sing "I just love the store".  I may or may not have been singing this in the car on the way.  And on the way home.

Anyhoo, we got there, parked, headed up to the Childrens Ikea section where we perused, Chris got to run around a bit (when you go at 10am on a weekday it's delightfully empty) and Sarah asked that we buy everything they have because it's "So cool".

We picked out a ceiling fixture for the playroom (weekend project!!!)

Then Sarah checked into Smalland (wahooooo!) and Chris and I got to mosey around the marketplace.  I picked up a few great things - an enormous lampshade for the floor lamp redo I mentioned a few days ago, of course the pillow insert to replace the one Rosie peed on 2 weeks ago.  I also got some napkins, frames, and a basket to hang under a shelf (not sure where this will go yet).  Oh and my most exciting find is curtains for our bedroom.  That's right folks, we've been in our house for 5 years with no bedroom curtains.  We do have blinds to keep the peepers away - cause I wouldn't want anyone to see me attempting a Zumba DVD.

And now that I've brought all the new fun stuff into the house I need to put it away!

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