Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Trip to the Beagle Farm

For those who know me, this won't be news, but we are beagle people.  I grew up with a beagle and I love them.  My parents got Molly when I was in college and Lola came a year or so before I moved out of the house.  So when Lola suddenly became very sick and died we were all beside ourselves.  As much as she was a huge pain in the butt (she was a grumpy dog), we missed her so I wasn't entirely surprised when my mom said they were considering a puppy.

About a month ago my mom called to tell me that she had called Stanley (the beagle man) and there were puppies that would be available in a few weeks.  SO EXCITING!!  I decided to make this a big surprise for Sarah so we didn't say a word.

Well today was the day and after a few weeks of secret keeping we finally told Sarah that we were going someplace fun today and she could guess if she wanted.  She guessed some pretty great places:  the zoo, Disney World, Dairy Queen or Chuck E. Cheese.  Nope.

We drove into the middle of nowhere today.  And then we kept going for another hour or so and then we turned up a gravel driveway and went about a quarter mile to see this:

We were there!  Sarah at this point had guessed we were visiting a farm and she seemed a bit disappointed, but when she opened the car door and heard the sweet "AROOOOO!" coming from the back she knew that this was a special farm.  "Is this a doggy farm??" she asked.  I told her it was, and then she spotted them in a little pen in front of the little farmhouse.

I couldn't keep her and Chris away.  They just stuck their hands right in.

Then they got in.

Then the puppies came out and ran around.

It was about this time that we told Sarah that we were going to bring one home.  And she would get to pick.

She picked this one.

We got to meet "mom" and "dad".  This is Chip.  He's dad.

Stanley loves showing off his dogs.  Tomorrow is Stanley's 80th birthday.  Happy B-day Stanley!

On the drive home Sarah decided her name is Rosie.  We like it.  I think she'll fit in well with our family.

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