Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can ya dig it?

About 4 weeks ago we saw there were some brightly colored lines on our street.  Two weeks after that we received a notice in the mail that "they" were going to be doing work on the street - replacing water mains and it would begin 2/6 and the work would finally be completed in May.  MAY.  That's 3 months away.  Three months of dug up streets, closed roads, detours, etc.  I'm not a fan.

Today was the first day they were working directly in front of our house.  This means a few things.  Numero uno - we get the delightful view of the port-a-potty right in front of our house.  Charming.  Numero dos - we cannot get into our driveway during the day.  Schweet.  At least I was clever enough to park on the next block so poor Sarah wouldn't be stuck at school.

There is an up-side.  Cheap entertainment!  Both kids have been glued to the full-glass storm door since we came back from pre-school pickup.

Chris keeps saying "Woooooow!"

Sarah just wonders if we'll ever be able to park in the driveway again.  She's a bit dramatic.

I love how quiet the house is with no tv.  Although the rumbling trucks and scraping on the street is loud, it's not quite as painful shrill Dora or mind numbing as Yo Gabba Gabba.

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