Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big House Plans!

So the ideas are still swirling around in my big old head, but big things are in the works!  We've been living here in this house for 5 years and when we bought this place I wasn't quite sure how I felt about style and color so we picked some things and it was OK.  A few years later with looking at blogs, furniture stores, and Pinterest (by the way - you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking HERE), I have a much better sense of what I like and what isn't quite me.  I look around and it just isn't doing it for me anymore.

So what to change?  The change is more than a few throw pillows or new accessories.  I've been doing THAT for 5 years and it always helps but doesn't feel quite right.  The BIG change is a full-on-whole-house color switcheroo.  Oh my.  Sounds daunting, right?  It is going to be a lot of work, but it's going to be worth it  :)

Our goal is to pick colors that flow well on the first floor (with the exception of the room that will be for Sarah - that's likely to be pink whether we like it or not!).  We need to find a living room color to "go" well with the curtains because I like them.  I have an idea already, so we'll do some test swatches in a few places to make sure it will work.  The dining room will be trickier because we have that lovely blue chandelier that I want to keep.  The kitchen wont' be done for a while, but it's going to be part of the plan.  The bathrooms also won't change because I love the colors we chose there.  Like I said, whole house switcheroo!

So I'm a little excited and a little nervous.

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  1. Big plans! It's exciting and daunting, isn't it? :)

    She could still have pink in her room without the walls being pink. It would make the pink more special. And then maybe you could still pick a wall color that "flowed." (That #1 rule of decorating that you pick wall color last is always the hardest to adhere to.)



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