Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Tease?

Everyone in Pennsylvania knows about the second most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania (Gus), but of course the REAL celebrity is Punxsatawney Phil.  That rodent was dragged from his hibernation on February the Second to tell the world that there would be six more weeks of winter this year.  Well, it seems that Phil was either lying or his skills as a meteorologist aren't what the folks on Gobbler's Knob would have us believe.

February weather has been erratic.  We've had warm days up over 60 degrees where kids are running around the neighborhood in t-shirts.  Then those days are generally followed by the harsh reminder that it is, indeed, February and the temperature drops down to the 40s.  The wind ripping through leaving me to wander the yard in search of lawn furniture and my doormat which often disappear on blustery days.  I was wondering whether the warmth and sprouts of spring were just a tease.  I hope not.

I sincerely hope a March blizzard isn't in our future.  I'm sure this little crocus Sarah found growing next to the driveway is also hoping for an early spring.

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