Monday, February 20, 2012

Things are looking UP!

Part of the mega-whole-house redo that I teased about here is turning the first floor bedroom from a playroom into a bedroom for Sarah.  Part of that process is figuring out lighting.  The bedroom lacked a ceiling light fixture and the switch by the door worked an outlet across the room.  We had been making due with a halogen torchiere lamp in there for a while but the bulb died a few weeks back and so the room was plunged into darkness.

I started looking for new lamps because I never really liked that one anyway and it dawned on me that we should just put in a ceiling light.  So I asked Jason and he said sure, so off I went to Ikea (more on that here) to find the awesomest light ever for a kid's room.  Meet Skojig. Isn't she cute?
Now I won't pretend I know the first thing about wiring, but I requested that the switch by the door work the new ceiling fixture and that the outlet on the other side of the room be disconnected from the switch and turned into a regular "always on" sort of outlet.  Jason said no problemo and he went to work on a Saturday morning.

Wow - it was a pretty quick process to put about 6 holes in the wall and ceiling to get the wire snaked to where the light should go.

So many holes were necessary because he had to drill through that many ceiling joists.  Once the holes were in and the wire was snaked through, Jason hooked up the new box where the wires will connect to the fixture.

The light went up without too many issues (please note that this light fixture did NOT come with screws to mount it on the box - you'll have to save ones from an old light).  Jason wired up the switch and BOOM!  DONE!

You may be more comfortable hiring an electrician to do the wiring (if Jason didn't know how to do this, I'd definitely hire someone).

Next up - patching the holes!!!

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  1. Such an adorable option! Love it! Have fun patching, lol!

    Thanks so much for sharing,



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