Friday, February 24, 2012

Everyday Pics - Chris in February

Every once in a while (like 2-3 times a week :)  I just take a bunch of kid pictures.  The everyday pictures are my favorites by far because they're the ones that will remind me of what the little guys were like when they were little.  They'll help me remember how much Chris loves blocks and legos, how messy his hair always is, how he's constantly drooling, and how he smiles at everything.  Here's some of my favorites from this week.

Puzzle time!

I got this mom.

Whoa, this is harder than I thought...

I did it, right?  (Not really, but I still love you)

Hold on, gotta update my status to "Pooped my pants.  LOL!"

And then Elmo played the piano - it was awesome! (looks like he's telling some great story)

I will steal your soul.  (Mommy needs to figure out red-eye)

He's such a sweet kid.  I hope he stays this way forever.

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