Monday, October 8, 2012

A Big Girl's Bedroom - Update 10/2

Wow - so it's been a while since I gave an update on the bedroom re-do.  And there's a lot to update on:

  • Baseboards: done
  • Door casing: done
  • Closet: nearly done (just a shelf is left to put up - I'll do a post on it when it's totally done)
  • Shades: done
  • Ceiling paint: done

We're so close to some sort of final reveal I can taste it!  So now it's time to shift from DIY home improvement to more decor related stuff.

Let's talk flooring for a minute.  The first floor of our house has great hardwood floors.  We put them in before we moved in 5.5 years ago.  We like to cover the floors to protect them and to give a soft feel underfoot.  It also dampens sound.  For Sarah's bedroom we wanted a soft, plush feeling carpet in a neutral color.  The best option for us was to go with a carpet remnant - inexpensive, neutral, and soft.

Remnants are available at many places including big box stores like Hope Depot.  I decided to check out a local carpet retailer and by calling ahead I was able to confirm that they did have remnants in our desired size (8'x10') and many with bound edges.  The bound edges were important to me because it really gives the rug a more finished look.  So after Kindergarten pickup the kids and I went in to see what they had.  And there were tons!  Immediately I was able to rule out lime green, bright orange, and leopard print.
We decided against white because while it would be gorgeous, it would only be white for about 20 minutes before dirty kid and/or beagle feet made their mark.  The two best fits were beige or gray.  Both options were textured.  I decided not to bring one home on Friday because I wanted Jason's opinion and because I needed him to carry it :)

We came back on Saturday and decided on the gray, but unfortunately we couldn't get a pad until Monday.  It's a bit of a delay in our plans as we were hoping to get Sarah moved in this weekend.  We rolled out the rug to let it settle and unwrinkle a bit.

Here's a quick reminder of how things started out:

And here's the closet view with the rug laid out!

I think it looks great - and I think Sarah likes it too.  She actually spent some time playing back there on the floor.  Clean, soft, and dirt-hiding.  Just right.

Coming soon - FURNITURE!

(Kinda scary looking, right?)

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