Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Big 6th Birthday Round-Up

I figured that with all my bellyaching about not having enough time to post or get projects done it might be a good chance to share a bit of what's been going on here.  It's Birthday season - my big girl and her dad have back to back birthdays!

You might think that after 6 years of this, that I'd have it down, but producing two birthdays at once seems to  get the better of me every time.  This year we were also trying to reach a few milestones on Sarah's bedroom redo (that will be addressed in another post soon).  And on top of that, I was selling a bunch of outgrown clothes and toys at a local consignment sale, so there was all that prep-work to do.  And because of all these pitiful excuses, Jason got a bit short-changed on his b-day gifts.

So since Sarah is 6, birthdays are a pretty big deal.

We started with having a few neighborhood buddies over for a little cookie decorating on the actual day (a Thursday).  We didn't really do presents that day or anything because we were planning a family get-together on Sunday.  The kids had fun and made a mess.

Sunday came and we had my parents and brother over for some lunch.  Meatball sandwiches!  Plus cheese curls, cole slaw, chips, etc.  It was a good day for a warm lunch outside on the screen porch.  Then we did presents.

She truly loved everything - including her new bike!  Her old one was just a tiny 12" thing and this one is a whopping 18" size.  When we were putting it together, it seemed so big, but she hopped right on and was on her way.  Training wheels will come off soon, I think.

We finished off with cake.  Rainbow :)  Special request.

Mental Note - I need to take more photos.  Every day :)

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