Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Blast from the Past - Powder Room

Let's be kind and say the "before" look of our powder room was "vintage".

Yep, there was a vanity with a yellow basin and a matching yellow toilet, there was a mirror with 2 sconces built-in, and a louvered window.  Wallpaper and white-ish paneling finished up the look.  I honestly don't remember what the floor looked like, but I think it was vinyl.  Whatever it was, it had to go.

So here's how the timeline went - we bought the house in January 2007 and before we moved in the room was gutted to studs figuring that it was a small bathroom and the re-do would be quick and cheap-ish.  The sad truth is that the room remained gutted and used for storage (which was very handy, actually) until spring of 2011.  It's not that we weren't busy during that time - there were many other projects that happened, but I'll  be honest and say that we sat on this one longer than necessary.

Step one was drywall and we decided to go with bead board wainscoting.  With the small scale of the bathroom we thought that breaking up the wall would make it more comfortable since the wall is up in your face when you're, um....going.

For the walls I went with a color called "Lemon Meringue" and we used "Linen White" for the trim & ceiling.

I picked out a cobalt blue pool tile for the floor - why pool tile?  Because I liked it.  The sales woman at the tile store was very nervous about the choice and tried to talk me out of it.  She said it might be slippery or it might not hold up.  So far so good!

I'll chime in on Jason's behalf here - he's the tile guy at our house and the installation in this room was fast.  Like over a weekend and BAM DONE!

The faucet was a Home Depot find - and I wanted a shiny finish to contrast with the more casual/country-ish bead board.  The mirror is from Ikea, and I like how it's shiny and round - again a contrast with the casual/country feel of the bead board.

What's left in here?  I'd love a little cabinet or covered basket to store extra TP.   I think the room needs a bit of artwork.  And the curtain needs to be sewn properly.

Other than that it's done and we really enjoy a bright clean and fresh space.



  1. or maybe you chose yellow, white and blue because you wanted to be reminded of your alma mater every time you freshened up. :) Anyway, I love it!

  2. I love the colors you picked. The pool tile really makes it pop! Thanks for linking up at {Im}Perfect Sundays!

  3. Hello I saw your blog on GFC Blog Hop and I am your newest follower! When you get a chance please visit my blog. Thanks in advance.

    Have a great day : )

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I'll pop over to your blog and check it out!

  4. This looks amazing.. Such a huge difference! I just found you over at the CHQ blog hop. I am your newest follower and would love if you could come visit my blog and follow.


  5. Beautiful job! I love the pool tile idea, way to stick with your gut!

    1. Thanks Lindsey! And thank you for stopping by!



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