Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Blue Chandelier

A few months back I was at Ikea with my mom and as we were walking through the lighting section and saw a chandelier that I liked for my dining room.  I told my mom that I just wasn't feeling the old fashioned brass fixture we had in there now and a black one would be more the look i was going for.  And my mom said, "Why don't you just paint the one you have?"  Thanks for the brilliant idea!

Fast forward a few months to now and since we're in that period leading up to the big holiday and because this weekend's weather called for a day above 60 degrees I decided that THIS would be the weekend.

Interestingly enough, the folks over at Young House Love did a chandelier not too long ago and I was inspired by the blue color they used.   I followed their recommendations on primer and went with the paint available at our local hardware store.

Saturday morning, Sarah and I headed out for paint.  We ended up hitting Home Depot and Ace to find the right color.  That was fine because we kinda wanted to check out all the Christmas decorations anyway.

Then on Sunday morning I had Jason set up a Dexter-style area on the back porch.

He rigged up the chandelier with some twine and had it low enough so that I'd be able to reach it all around.

I cleaned it up (it was super dusty) and left it to dry for a bit.  I just used some Clorox wipes.

I removed the bulbs, wrapped the candles in plastic and tape (and the wire at the top).  I covered anything with threads - no need to gunk stuff up with paint.  Then I donned the rubber gloves and a mask and primed it up.  The directions on the can said to wait an hour to put on a second coat, so that's what I did.

I then did a coat of blue, but I noticed there were a few patches that the primer missed (it showed up more when I put the blue paint on), so after I let the first blue coat dry for 15 minutes, I spritzed a bit of primer on the bare spots, let that sit for a bit, then did the second blue coat.  And here's how it looked:

The instructions on the can also said it would be fully dry in 24 hours, so we let it sit overnight before moving it back in.  Since it was terribly dark in the dining room with no lights, Chris ate dinner in the kitchen (which he found to be incredibly distracting) and Sarah was glad to eat in her playroom watching TV.  Knowing that the chandelier was still on the back porch didn't stop me from trying to turn the light on at least 4 times.

Monday evening, Jason put the chandelier back up, turned the breaker back on and TADA!!!

I love it!  It's just what I was hoping for.  I'm considering getting some shades.  Any thoughts?


  1. You totally rocked this chandelier! I'm actually super impressed that you followed all the instructions on the can of paint AND primed it. Now I'm thinking I probably broke every rule when painting mine. I think shades could be nice but not necessary. Not sure what other colors you have in your room but I always think black shades look fancy. :) Thanks for sharing this with me!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

    1. We ended up going with some plain white shades from Ikea - definitely the most reasonably priced option I was able to find. It softens up the light nicely and makes it look more finished.

      Thanks for stopping by!



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