Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Un-Glamorous Update

So sometimes the best project/change you make all week is the least exciting.  Well, I'm excited, but you may not be.

As part of the Big Girl Room redo, we have moved the tv she watches (and the DVD player) down to the basement.  It's not a finished space, but one day it will be.  Jason wired up cable, an outlet, and a light switch to make sure stuff was safe and secure (stuff was sorta dangly down there, and that sort of wiring is scary).

Sarah has been watching tv down there occasionally.  She's got a little table & chairs for now - later we'll move the bedroom rug down there so it's a little fuzzier and maybe we'll put her beanbag chair there too.

Anyway, a few friends were down there yesterday watching Power Rangers, and one came out and said it was "cweepy".  I asked why he thought it was creepy and he said the basement was "full of cweepy stuff". Touche.  So I guess we need to do a reorg down there.  We had TONS of stuff, boxes, paint cans, tools, hardware, etc.

Today I was at Ace picking up some ant baits (yeah, I have ants, lucky me).  And I saw this awesome plastic 5-tier shelf on sale for $40!  Regular price was $60 - good savings!  It was exactly the thing I need to help organize our dumping ground basement.  (Actually, I should have bought 4 and done the garage too).

Check it out - made in the USA too.

Here's what it looked like before.  It's almost too embarrassing to share, but this is reality, right?

The shelf was assembled super quickly and without tools.  And I'm not positive, but I think it's made to have multiple shelving units kinda lock together...seriously, I may need a few more of these things.

Once it was up and ready to go, I started filling her up with all the random tools, paint cans, battery chargers, etc. that seem to be generally scattered all around the garage.  And (surprise, surprise), I found more than a few things that would be more useful in a trashbag on the curb than in the basement.  So out they went!

Here's the "reveal", LOL. I know, it's still a pretty grubby basement, but I love how we have all the paint cans low and out of the way, stacked up tools, so they're easy to find.  Oh and battery chargers (I'm positive we have at least 2 more of those), drywall stuff, etc.

I was able to relocate a few items, buy there still things on the future finished side of the basement - electrical stuff, random lumber, more tools (of course), and other stuff. Maybe once I get that cleaned up and over to the "dirty" side, J down the street wont' think the basement is so "cweepy".

Let's hope!

One last look - isn't it nice to have a tidy space:

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