Monday, August 27, 2012

A Big Girl's Bedroom - Closet Update

This weekend was a busy one in the bedroom closet.  Following demo (check that out here) we assessed what exactly needed to be done.

Exterior wall:

The strapping that's nailed to the concrete block of the house needed to be thickened up to allow room for rigid foam board insulation.  And Jason added a piece of wood to act as a nailer - something to screw into when we go to hang the rod for clothes.

Door frame:

This whole thing was a mess.  It looks like there had been a previous DIY job done incorrectly so that the header was nailed into the studs on the side and nothing was holding it up.  A proper header has studs beneath it to support it.  Also the mini-studs above the header weren't really nailed into anything except the plaster board.  Jason screwed everything in and made it much more solid.

Also the stud on the right side (facing into the closet) is very bowed.  He hasn't done it yet, but he's going to put up a new piece of wood that will be plumb and square and all that.  It won't be pretty (on the inside), but it will be sturdier and invisible once the trim is up.

So at the end of the weekend, here's what we've were able to accomplish:

  • One round of joint compound at the base of the wall.  More to come...

  • Some patching of minor dings/dents/imperfections on the walls

  • Most of repairs to closet complete - still need to fix the right side of door frame.
  • Some drywall hung in closet.

And although I'm not including it in the list, I think it's fair to mention that I think we finalized our closet plan.  It's good to know that we're now on the same page in terms of closet layout.  I can't wait to see the final product!

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Photography Note:  These were taken with my phone.  My apologies - I am having trouble finding my charger cable for my camera.

Also - these pics were all cropped & re-sized and had watermarks/text added, but it's not showing up.  I'll have to revisit that issue.

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