Saturday, December 31, 2011

So Many Resolutions, So Little Resolve

Year after year I (and so many others) make resolutions on the New Year to change our ways, to improve ourselves, and to just be better.  Resolutions are often things like weight loss (yup), exercising (yup yup), save more, waste less, implement home organization, tackle home improvements, stuff like that.  Sometimes resolutions are about our personal flaws - one 2011 resolution I made was to try to procrastinate less, but I just couldn't get started on that one.

This year, instead of resolving to lose 20 pounds or run a 5k (both of which are on my list for 2012), I'm resolving to have more resolve.  To do a better job of doing things other than wishing and hoping.  I think we could all be better versions of ourselves if we made more of an effort to live the life we deserve.  Whether it's cooking healthier more interesting food, reuniting with old friends, making the bed every day, or just cleaning out a closet that's been bugging you, resolve to do something to make your life happier, more interesting, and livelier.

Happy New Year!!


  1. me too! you wanna plan to run a 5k with me this year at some point?

    1. I can do threaded comments now!!!! HOORAY!!!

      Yes, a 5k this year is a great idea!

  2. A 5k you say? Definitely! Probably in the fall, I'm thinking. It'll take me a while to get in shape.



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