Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Count UP!

Being the procrastinator that I am (after all, why do something now when you can always do it later, right?) here we are on the fourth of December and I have no advent calendar.  Historically I've been picky about advent calendars, choosing them for my daughter based on an old timey picture with glitter and without chocolate or toys, but in my outings I really hadn't come across any that fit the bill, or I did and just didn't think of buying one.

For a small child, an advent calendar is a little bit of Christmas fun each day.  Opening up the little window on the calendar to see what surprise is hiding behind the door...seeing the numbers count up as Christmas day approaches.  I used to take a peek at what was behind door # 24...usually Jesus (duh).   I was honestly feeling a little guilty about not having one for Sarah, although she hadn't mentioned it at all.

Then it dawned on me that we could DIY something, so here's what we're doing.  I can't show you a final product because this will build upon itself each day until Christmas.

You'll need:

  • 3 sheets of paper (we went with one red, one white, one green), cut into 8 strips
  • Silver sharpie (did I mention before how much I LOVE these things??)
  • Tape or stapler

Using your handy-dandy sharpie, write the number for the day, then something you did that day that was Christmas-y.  Using the tape, make a preschool style paper chain.  Watch the chain grow as you add your daily Christmas fun!

It's so simple, but it's great because it reminds you to spread the fun out to every day (rather than a one weekend Christmas-a-thon), to appreciate the wonderful parts of the holiday season leading up to the big day, and it reminds our kids that Christmas is more than presents!  So write down what movie you watched (check out the list of Christmas Movies here), what cookies you baked, what decorations you put up, what craft you did.  Did you see Santa?  Did you buy a gift for an Angel Tree or Toys for Tots?  Or was it just sipping hot chocolate with a candy-cane stirrer?  

I'm not sure where we'll hang ours, probably in the playroom where Sarah can enjoy it!

Happy Christmas-ing!!

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