Monday, December 5, 2011

Mirror, mirror....tales of a bathroom

When we bought our house, the first floor powder room looked like this.  Yikes!

Before we moved in, the bathroom was taken down to studs and that's how it remained for years.  Last year, Jason finally had some time to wrap it up and made it beautiful, like this:

Wall color: Finneran Haley "Lemon Meringue"
Trim color: Behr "Linen White"
Tile:  Not sure, but it's pool tile.  I just LOVED the cobalt blue.

Sink & toilet are Kohler, light fixture is PB, but we'll be switching that out when I find the right thing.  We want it to match the polished look of the faucet.

Notice anything missing?  That's right, we had no mirror.  I had no place to check for food in my teeth or to make sure my hair wasn't sticking up in the back.  So sad.

With all the straight lines of the bead board I thought I'd try to find a round mirror.  I'm not a huge fan of frameless and with the white trim, I definitely want a simple frame.  But I was having a little trouble finding the right thing.

So last week the kids and I ventured over to Ikea in search of some odds and ends and I found IT!  The perfect sized round mirror at a reasonable price point:


Things I like about the mirror:  it's the perfect size and shape, it's SILVER!!  and it's fairly lightweight considering the size.

So today I grabbed my hammer and a picture hanger (may switch this out for a drywall anchor later if Jason thinks it's not strong enough) and I got it hung!

We still need a curtain in there, some art, and maybe a small cabinet to store extra TP, but I love how it's turned out.

Oh and the mirror gives me a spot to do silly self portrait photos :)

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  1. I just looked at this post again and I was so proud of myself for making sure the lid was down on the toilet when I took the "after" photo. GO ME!



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