Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pinning Away

Something exciting happened in the last month or so - I got an invite to Pinterest!  I had heard about the site and read various explanations of what it was and how it worked but I remained a skeptic.  Then one day a friend said she was in and would invite me if I wanted so I said alright.  And then my life changed.

Not to sound overly dramatic, but Pinterest is just the greatest thing since the internet was invented.  Seriously.  For those who aren't in the know, it's like an online place to pin images from websites/blogs and post them.  Like back before Pinterest you probably tore pages from magazines to help plan your wedding or to collect recipes.  No more. You can pin photos of recipes, clothes, houses, crafts and organize them by category.  And by sharing them with other pinners, you can get exposure to MORE ideas.  Cool, but so what?

You can pin a wishlist for Christmas.  You can pin craft projects you want to try.  You can pin weird stuff  you found on Etsy. You can pin quotes that inspire or make you laugh.  You can pin shirtless pictures of Ryan Gosling or whatever.

I've already gotten ideas for DIY projects for around the house, big and small.  I've found inspiring holiday decor pics, craft ideas, cookies to bake.

So if you've heard of Pinterest and are thinking whether it's just a time suck, it definitely is, but you'll totally like it.  And if you get inspired or even find some great stuff to share with your fellow Pinners, then is it a waste??  I think not!

FYI - If you want to find ME on Pinterest...just click HERE

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  1. I agree, Pinterest is totally awesome! I love your holiday board and will definitely be following!!



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