Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Cookies: Oreo Balls

Even the name is awesome.  Oreo balls.  Yep balls of chocolatey-Oreo-deliciousness.  And it seems bizarre to even call this a "recipe", but whatever.  I didn't invent it and I don't have any idea who did, but the "recipe" is the same everywhere so I'll just say this is something everyone already knows.  The only people who don't know the recipe are people who have yet to come across this confection at a party somewhere.

Oreo Balls

  • 1 package of regular Oreos (or flavored but NOT Double Stuf!!)
  • 1 8oz package of cream cheese
  • Chocolate chips (or other melting candy - some people like white chocolate)
  • Sprinkles (optional)

Prep a cookie sheet with some wax paper.  I like one with edges so the balls don't roll off.

Put all the Oreos from the package into your food processor and whir up until crumbs.

Put in the cream cheese.

Whir it up until it's like a creamy dough.

Roll the "dough" into 1" balls (size doesn't matter (ha!), but 1" makes them big enough without being too big to get a good bite of) and put them on the sheet.

Put the sheet in the fridge (freezer is better) until you're ready to dip

This is great because you can roll these in advance and then just dip them before you want to eat them.

For dipping, melt some chocolate in a microwave safe bowl.  Add a bit of shortening to thin it up a smidge.

I like to use a "Little Dipper" CrockPot to keep the chocolate nice and warm, but if you don't have one, just keep reheating periodically.  My little dipper came free with my big CrockPot.  I think I have a spare if you want to borrow one.

Using toothpicks (or a fondue fork a la moi), dip each ball, swishing it around so there's good  coverage. Put it down on the wax paper again and use a little spoon to cover over where the toothpick went in.

Here's where you can get creative - add sprinkles, colored sugar, a drizzle of white chocolate, etc.

When all the balls are dipped, put the sheet back in the fridge/freezer to set the chocolate.

Store the dipped balls in a container in your fridge/freezer until you're ready to serve them.

These balls are fantastic.  Pete Schweddy would be proud.  Make sure you have napkins on hand as these can result in chocolaty fingers!

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