Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lotion Bottle Cell Phone Holder

If you're here because of the Pinterest Challenge then WELCOME!!!

If you don't know what Pinterest is, then you should head back to THIS post and read up.  And then you'll maybe start to understand what this post is all about.

I follow a handful of different blogs, some about families, some about DIY and home improvement, some about nothing.  Last week TWO of the blogs I follow announced a Pinterest Challenge where their followers were invited to take something they've pinned and DO it.  I have a ton of crafts, DIY ideas, etc. and this is a reason to pick something I've had my eye on for a while.

I chose a small project (since I wanted to make sure I could easily tackle it).  I picked this fun project that I had pinned (check this project out on Pinterest):

You can find the original blogger's project here.  I honestly don't remember how I stumbled upon this, but I thought it was so cool and fun.  So I went for it!

Using an old Target lotion bottle and an old dress of Sarah's that I pulled out of the Goodwill pile, I got to work.  The original project bog shows some great step by step photos, so be a little quicker.

I started by peeling labels off the bottle and thoroughly washing the bottle inside and out.

I used a little Goo Gone to remove some leftover adhesive on the bottle

Using a silver sharpie I sketched out the line to cut out my handy-dandy holder.  I did that using regular scissors.  I traced the outlet hole from an outlet cover I had.

I sanded down the edges to make them smooth, and roughed up the outside of the bottle with a bit of sandpaper.

I played around with the fabric from the dress so that I'd find the right part of the pattern to be front and center and using Mod Podge, I painted the bottle and applied the fabric.

Now this is my very first Mod Podge project, so I'm not sure if this is the "right" way, but I applied the fabric all the way around, let it dry, trimmed it with scissors, then Mod Podged over it.  This was the point where I wrapped the fabric over the bottom of the bottle.

I cut an oval of fabric to make the bottom look neat and added a few more coats of Mod Podge over the whole thing, letting it dry hanging on a knife in a glass between each coat.

When it was all but done, I used a drill with a tiny bit to drill the hole where I can attach it to the outlet cover.

What's the difference between my project and my inspiration?  Well, the original project has a wide hole for the plug and the holder hangs on the AC adapter block.  This wouldn't work for us because our phones & camera have these ENORMOUS AC adapter blocks.  So instead of letting the holder hang on the prongs sticking into the wall (this seemed dangerous), I planned on having the holder screw into the wall and being a more permanent fixture.

I did have one design flaw - I should have made the back of the holder longer so the plug would sit well above the phone/camera.  This way I'll have to plug the phone into the top outlet.  It's still neater than putting the phone on the floor or windowsill.

I'm pleased with how it turned out, but moreover I think I fell in love with Mod Podge!  I've got big plans.  Huge, really.  I'm going to decoupage every surface in my whole house!  Well not quite that much, but I expect to have some funky projects coming up!

Big HUGE thanks to the peeps who organized this:

What a great way to get all our creative juices flowing!


  1. That looks great! That's such a cute way to keep the cord from getting all messed up.

    ~em at small girl, big world

    1. It was an easy and fun project and definitely useful. Thanks for stopping by!




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