Monday, March 12, 2012

A little disappointment

This past weekend was a bit busy at our place.  We're ramping up our preparations for a finished basement, and unfortunately phase 1 is clearing and cleaning it out.  It's pretty un-blog-worthy.

I did get a chance to work on a few things that we WILL share on here.

First, I put in some time on a little project for a Pinterest Challenge link party hosted by  The idea is to take on a project you've pinned and put your own spin on it.  My project is inspired by this one.  It's a cell phone holder made from a lotion bottle and decoupaged with some fabric.  I figured it would be a good first Mod Podge project.  Look for details on this when it goes up on Wednesday.

Second, and this is the sad part, is that I spent some time working on the purple floor lamp (mentioned back here...)  On Sunday I touched up the last few places that were looking kinda rough, but when I went to go put the shade on and wrap up the post on the lamp re-do we found that we had some issues.

The shade does not fit.  OK, so this is an old Ikea lamp, but the shade just won't work with it.
We tried using parts from another Ikea lamp but we haven't had any luck getting all the pieces to come together properly.  I  am determined that we're not walking away from this project,  but we may have to do some crazy stuff to get it all to work.

Right  now it's looking like the best option will be to use a lamp kit with a harp to replace the socket that we have.  The shade we have won't work with a harp/finial but we can either hack it so that it WILL work, or we will return the shade and find a different one.

So the disappointment was that I had HOPED to be able to have a post about a successful lamp re-do, and instead I'm sharing this :/

In other news - the weather is gorgeous!  I may go for a walk with the kids later!

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