Monday, March 26, 2012

Egg-citing Craft Time (oh yeah)

Sorry about the title.  Skipping an egg related pun for an Easter craft would be a wasted opportunity.

With Easter right around the corner and a recent affection for Mod Podge I decided to give some eggs a whirl.

Now I guess you could use actual eggs to do this (draining the innerds first), but I decided to use craft eggs made from paper mache.  Again, I decided to dive into the old clothes bags to find some materials to cover the eggs - seeing as we have tons of funky and bright clothes from Sarah.

My first try was a bit of a bust, but I'll chalk it up to "learning".  I learned that I do need to go a little slower to minimize wrinkles and avoid accidentally cutting things too small.  I also learned that I should paint the eggs white before trying to apply the fabric.  The unpainted eggs are cardboard colored and the result without painting them first is sort of dark & drab rather than bright.

So step 1 is painting the eggs.  I used white acrylic craft paint and let them dry a bit.

Then I picked some old clothes in nice patterns that would work for eggs.

I cut out pieces wide enough to wrap around the egg at the widest point and long enough go end to end.  And I just started putting it on with Mod Podge.  I 'Podged up a smallish area, pressed on the fabric little by little.  With the round eggular shape, it was impossible to get it totally flat, but using scissors to slit down and overlapping flaps, I managed to avoid wrinkles.   Well, most wrinkles.

This step took quite a while because I let one side dry before starting the other side.

After the fabric was glued down all over, I went over the whole egg with a coat of Mod Podge.

The dry time for each layer was at least an hour.  It took a few days to get these done.

I did five eggs in different papers/fabrics.

What do you think?

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