Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A tiny upgrade in an otherwise still crappy kitchen

So our kitchen is bad.  Really, really bad.  Although our house is always a "work-in-progress", we've managed to make our mark in pretty much every room but this one.  Horrible cabinets, ugly backsplash, soft floor, hole in the wall...nothing updated yet.  It's on the list.

Sometimes things come up before you're ready.  The kitchen isn't the next big project we're planning here.  It's probably not the one after that either.  It's going to be big, expensive, and will require a ton of planning.  But sometimes you need to maintain your mess.  This time it was the faucet.  It was kaput.  Between the leaks underneath the sink and the stream of water that would come out of the side of the thing, it was clear that we just needed to bite the bullet and replace it.

Off to Home Depot we went.  We purchased the cheapest kitchen setup available - single-handle faucet & sprayer for a grand total of $39.  Pretty?  Nope.  But it's just a temporary replacement.  I'll be scouring deals for something attractive once it's time to do our real kitchen remodel.

Since I wasn't the one doing the work, I will say that replacing the faucet was "easy", and by "easy" I mean it wasn't complicated.  It went roughly like this:

  • Turn off water
  • Disconnect hot/cold water supply lines
  • Remove old faucet
  • Clean up area
  • Follow directions on box for installing new faucet
  • Swear because there are leaks
  • Go to the hardware store for new supply lines and teflon tape
  • Follow directions on box for installing new faucet again

Aside from what was in the box for the new faucet, we also needed plumbers putty, teflon tape, and new supply lines.  We got the new supply lines because the old ones looked pretty old and we wanted to be sure to get a nice tight & secure fit.

Aaaah, new faucet looks so pretty :)  Ok still not pretty but it doesn't shoot water all over the place like the old one did.

Definitely an excellent improvement in our kitchen.  I still can't wait to take a sledgehammer to the whole thing though!



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