Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving Thanks (a.k.a. Thanksgiving recap)

Approximately every other year we pack up the old minivan and trek northward for a get-together for Thanksgiving with the Massachusetts peeps.  This was just such a year.  And for those who think driving 300+ miles (each way) on a holiday weekend is the worst idea ever, YOU ARE RIGHT!

We left our house around 11am on Wednesday morning and after dropping the pooch off with my parents, we were on our way.  Sadly we were less than an hour into the drive when we encountered our first bout with bumper to bumper traffic.  I won't bore you with the unpleasant details of a 9 hour drive with two small children, but needless to say it was miserable.  We did eventually arrive.  Kids were so stir crazy from the car that they literally ran around the house until midnight.

Thursday was a typical turkey day.  Plenty of relaxing and football watching, plus turkey and pie eating.  It was nice to have our two kids playing with Jason's brother's kids.  Cousins have such fun.  We took them to the playground for a late-afternoon run-around.  They needed the fresh air.

Friday was another day of relaxing with a tidbit of Black Friday excitement.  Nothing big or gifty was purchased.  Jason & I both snagged new fleeces at the LLBean outlet (I'm an LLBean enthusiast, which is odd because I'm not that outdoorsy).  We visited with some friends who have this adorable little ginger baby a few months younger than Chris.

Saturday's plan was to do a smidge more shopping, but that didn't pan out.  We did visit some more friends and then we headed back "home" for the big event:  The Polar Express train ride!  Just around the corner from Jason's parents is the train station where they run a Christmas themed train ride each year.  We dressed the kids in their PJs and piled in.  The Polar Express was read aloud, "Elves" took requests for Santa, and we all sang Christmas songs.  It was a blast!  Kids also received their own sleigh bell to jingle and keep!

The train stopped close to where it started and we all got off for hot chocolate and a visit with Santa himself!  Sarah decided the line was too long (and I think she was tired) and Chris was having fun screaming and running in circles so we decided to head out to dinner at a small local restaurant.

And there was the highlight of the trip for me.  The best New England clam chowder evah!  Now I can't say that it was truly better than all others, but it totally hit the spot.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed home.  Pretty much a miserable repeat of the trip up...oh well :) That's what we do to see family, I guess.  We're so glad to be home safe and sound and to have had a nice visit with family and friends.

On to the next adventure!!!

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