Friday, October 21, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

Each year at the start of the "Halloween season" we head on over to the pumpkin patch.  The place we go is called Linvilla Orchard and they have pick-your-own produce (whatever is in season), hayrides, animals, a big playground, and pumpkinland.

This year's trip was probably the most beautiful day in WEEKS, seriously it was amazing.

We started in the farm-themed playground area.  I almost can't believe I got them both smiling at the camera at the same time!

It's amazing to see how Chris is starting to play like the big kids.

Next up was a train ride which Chris really enjoyed.  He kept saying "choo choo!"

We moved on to the animals.  Chickens (which Chris went at with a stick), turkeys, peafowl, ducks, sheep, goats a few pigs and a horse.  Oh and there was an area with deer.  I kinda felt bad for the deer.

Next we headed over to Pumpkinland, an area with tons of large crates filled with pumpkins of all sizes.  We skipped the hayride (planning for that next year) and jumped right into pumpkin selection.  It was almost too hard to choose, big, small, white, orange.  They even had a few GIANT pumpkins which required assistance of staff to purchase.  We finally decided on two big, a small, and two miniature pumpkins.  I love the little "Jack Be Little" pumps, so cute.  We'll see if they last until Halloween since they're usually the favorite of squirrels.  

It was pretty clear that we were reaching the end of Chris' day (the poor kid can't even make it until noon most days before he starts wanting to nap).  So we settled up with the farmers and headed over to the food stand for a snack.

Best. Funnel Cake. Ever.

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