Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paper Candle Wraps

I'm a crafty-ish person and willing to try all kinds of cool things, but I'm not usually the idea person.  I scour the internet for creative and easy (cheap) things to do to make my house pretty, fun, holiday themed, etc.  But today I actually thought something up and it turned out so cute!

I few days ago I had bought some black cardstock to make paper bats for the living room.  I just sat looking at it when it occurred to me what else I could do with it!  

On my console table below our tv, I have these mercury glass pillar candle holders with each holding a 6" tall vanilla scented pillar.  Not very Halloweene-y.  But using a silver sharpie (these things are amazing and I highly recommend you keep some around for various projects) and some of that black cardstock, I was able to fashion the candles into something a little more spooky.

Using the sharpie I drew spider webs (and one dangly spider) along the long edges one piece of cardstock.  The spider webs only went about 3" up on each side.

After that, I cut the paper so that there was a nice zig-zaggy edge.  

Then I wrapped it around the pillar and taped it in place.  Plunk it back on the candle holder (with the seam at the back) and  TADA!!!

This craft is ONLY for candles that are decorative or flameless.  Do not burn candles wrapped in paper

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