Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sometimes things just work out and it's such a fabulous feeling.

This week, the big girl has a field trip to a nearby arboretum.  It's a rain-or-shine type event and the weather man says it's going to pour all day.  If I were one of those super-prepared moms, this wouldn't be an issue because my kid would probably own an entire rain suit to weather a day tromping through muddy puddles and slick grass.  But, alas, I am not such a mom.  I'm a wait-until-the-last-minute type of mom.

At noon on Monday night I saw the weather forecast.  I  borrowed a pair of rainboots from a neighbor (whose daughter has feet about the same size as my girl's feet even though she's a good 5 years older).  I then began scouring the web for places that might have raincoats.  It's October, raincoat season is OVER.

Every place I checked online had coats and jackets available online only, but I figured my best bet was Target  in their camping section.  So while the girl was at preschool this morning the boy and I headed over to the Big Red Bullseye.

It was like a dream....I spotted the shiny pinkness out of the corner of my eye.  I pushed the cart over and found a hot-pink girls raincoat in a 7/8 out of place between two winter jackets.  Sure, my kid wears a 5/6, but a 7/8 isn't so bad, right?  I grabbed it up and continued to walk around in hopes that I'd find the proper rack of raincoats and maybe one in the right size.  Nope, this was it.

Goofy monkey modeling her new coat
It's a little big, we have to roll the sleeves, but it's the perfect color since it matches pretty much all her clothes.  She loves it!

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