Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Wreath

Last year I did quite a few Valentiney things (and with V-day nearly a week away, there's still time, right??).  This year, I've been pretty busy with regular stuff.  Life with an older toddler requires a lot more mopping and vacuuming than it did last year.  I'm so glad we don't get many drop-in visitors because I'd have to turn off the lights and pretend nobody was home.
One thing I did want to do is give a try to one of the more popular DIY blog and Pinterest crafts:  
So here we go:
  • Foam wreath form - there were a variety of sizes and shapes at the craft store, pick whatever you like
  • Fabric for covering the wreath - I got a yard and a half and I have quite a bit left over
  • Fabric for embellishments - I chose some coordinating quilting fabric
  • Ribbon or Rickrack for embellishment
  • Pins - no sewing or glue!!!
I started off by tearing a few strips of the fabric.  I wanted to tear because I wanted the slightly frayed edge to show as I wrapped it.  And because I chose a chevron fabric I tore the fabric across (rather than down) to keep the pattern oriented the way I wanted it to.
I just started wrapping the fabric, making sure it overlapped a bit all around. I pinned the strip and started a new one right there.  I started each strips on the same side of the wreath so that side would be the back side.  I had to trim the strips short to make it work.  
Once you have your wreath covered, make some fabric flowers.  I checked out Pinterest for DIY fabric flowers to get some ideas of how one might make some.  I mainly used these two methods both of which involve cutting a bunch of circles of fabric.  
First off, to get a good circle I traced a cup onto some cardstock to make 2 different sizes of circles (for big and small flowers).  Then I layered the fabric and cut four circles at once.  
Method 1 - layer 3-4 circles, creating a fringe edge with scissors.  I used 3 big circles with one smaller one on top to create a nice fringey look.  I attached the flowers with a pin.  I didn't do pics here...sorry!
Method 2 - fold a circle in quarters and put it on a pin, repeat several time so that there are 3-4 ruffles attached to a pin.  Fold a circle in half and attach that to the pin.  Repeat several times.  Put a whole circle on the bottom.  Then attach it to the wreath.
Pin the flowers in as you go.  Rearrange however you like.
I used random little ruffles of fabric to fill in a few gaps, but that was it!
I hung the wreath on the door with some big rickrack and taped it to the top of the door.
Here's what I like about it -
  • It's pink for V-day but isn't covered with hearts, so it won't have to be pulled down right on Feb 15.
  • NO GLUE OR SEWING!  So all the materials can be re-used.  Look for version 2 of this wreath for spring/Easter time!
  • Quick and free-form.  With raw edges, perfection isn't critical here, making this a good project for crafting novices.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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    1. Thanks, and thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. This is SUCH a pretty wreath! I saw it on the Keep Calm linkup and had to come see more of it. :) I'm 36 weeks pregnant and not at ALL up for the task of pulling out my Valentine's day decor, only because I know that they'll probably stay up til June once our second baby girl arrives! Cute inspiration for next year, though!

    PS--I'm a new follower. :)

    Little Rays of Sunshine

    1. Hey Kim -

      Congrats on the new little one!

      Thanks for the follow!

  3. Adorable wreath! I love the fabric flowers! I'm pinning this to my Valentine's Day board!!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  4. Hi there! I saw your wreath project on the Bower Power Linky Party. So cute!!! I'm from 'View From the Fridge', and we got a note about a Liebster Award . . . which I'm passing on to you. I think your stuff is so fun and creative! I really have no idea what this award is all about, but thought I'd play along . . . can't hurt. Check it out if you're interested (if not, we won't be offended :)).

    Have a good weekend!

    Steph and Katie



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