Monday, February 11, 2013

A Sad Story

Back in December, I joined a gym.  It's the swanky place in town with great amenities including CHILDCARE!!  There's pools, tennis courts,workout classes,  plus a spa!  Yeah, I haven't used any of that except the childcare, but I truly do enjoy my "me time" on the elliptical or the treadmill.  
Most of the fitness equipment has these snazzy built in TVs so you can catch up with Kardashians while you do your cardio, but I usually bring my little old skool iPod nano and listen to some tunes or an audiobook.  It's a 3rd gen, so it's square-ish with a little color screen and the round wheelie thing to change the volume.  It was so nice.  And I got it in 2009.  
Then this weekend I went on a violent laundry roundup.  I gathered and washed every stitch of clothing I could get my hands on.  I was proud of myself.  Truly.  Then it came time to fold.  And guess what I like to do when I'm folding.  That's right - tunes or audiobooks.  Guess what was missing.  Yep, little greenie (that's what I called it - my little green iPod nano).  
I searched for half a day and then it dawned on me.  I went down to the washer and grabbed my favorite hooded sweatshirt.  And that's where I found it.  Little greenie, the case popped off, the earbuds in a knot.  All clammy from being washed.  And now it smells like Tide.
I'm so sad :(  No iPod.  No audiobooks.  No tunes.
I've got it in a bag of rice, but I am not holding out much hope.
I suppose 4.5 years isn't a bad run for pocket electronics, but it was more than adequate and I wasn't planning on replacing it any time soon.  I guess plans change, right?  *sigh*
Does anyone have any stories about miraculous stories of small electronics surviving the spin cycle?? 


I got a *new* iPod Nano for Valentine's Day :)  It's so little and cute.  And PURPLE!  I call it "Wee Violet".  It has a built in pedometer & FM radio too.  



  1. goodness this is sad. don't let it stop you from getting in that me time, geesh I know how important and hard to get that is.

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  2. My blackberry fell on the floor of my laundry room/closet in my apartment. I left the apartment to take trash out and while I was gone the entire washing machine flooded and wrecked my phone. It also wrecked a number of my things. After about two weeks, numerous auto dials and some other strange things, it functioned again. The battery life was severely depleted.



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