Wednesday, January 30, 2013


As you all remember, Chris moved into a toddler bed in late spring.  It was time.  And we went with a junior sized bed from Ikea.  It was the right choice.  The big downside is that it's a nonstandard bed size so you can't just buy sheets for it.  Ikea has sheets and we have 2 (blue and white) but now that it's winter, I thought he might like something cozy, soft, and warm.  And so last week I made him a microfleece fitted sheet and matching pillowcase!!!
Here's what I did :)

To make a fitted sheet for a bed you basically need to create a box shape by cutting a rectangle of fabric that is the size of the mattress plus depth on each side plus some overlap for the elastic.
I did a full-on tutorial here!!

First I measured the mattress - it measured 63" long, 27" wide and about 4" deep.  I determined that I needed about 3 yards of fabric, so that's what I got.  I was able to find some super soft dinosaur microfleece on sale.  If I had remembered to bring my coupons (grumble grumble) it would have been even cheaper.  Of course, if you're making a fitted sheet, don't forget elastic.  I used 5/8" braided elastic.  I honestly don't know how much was in the package, but I used all of it (helpful, right?)

Based on the mattress size, i decided to make the overlap 7" (to account for a 4" mattress plus 3" for the casing & elastic underneath - if I did it again, I'd make it even wider).  I even added an inch to the length & width to make sure it would be big enough.  So I cut the rectangle to be 64+14 = 78" by 28+14 = 42".  I then clipped out a 7" square from each corner.

Sewing went pretty quickly - I just sewed the corners together and then eyeballed the casing and sewed that around leaving an opening to work the elastic through.  Now since this is fleece, the big benefit was that I didn't have to fold the fabric over twice - it won't unravel.  And no ironing :)
I learned from my first sheet sewing experience that threading the elastic is a pain, so I made the casing  for the elastic extra wide and it went much better.  Once the elastic was through I used a zigzag stitch to secure it.  Then I closed the opening in the casing.

Once the fitted sheet was done, I made a pillowcase.  I made a sham-style pillowcase where the back has 2 overlapping pieces rather than an open ended pillowcase.  To do this, I measured out a sham I had, added an inch to each side (for seam allowances), then cut 2 pieces with significant overlap for the back side.  I sewed up hems on the 2 pieces for the back, pinned everything in place and sewed all the way around.  Super easy!

Here's the Before -- 

And After --

Chris LOVES his super soft bed.  It's soft and warm and he loves to cuddle his face up against the pillow.

Chris is also the proud owner of his very own down comforter.  He had been rolling around on ours saying he really likes "mommy and daddy's sheeps".  He's happy to have his very own.  It does have a cover (it was in the laundry on photo day!)  Ikea.  Of course :)

What do you think??

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  1. Your custom sheets look way better than the IKEA sheets. Way to go!



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