Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Fun: Devon Horse Show

What better way to kick off a fun summer than to head over to the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair!  A tradition round these parts, the DHS has been going strong since 1896.  Over the years it has evolved into a world class equestrian event lasting over a week, plus shops, rides, and carnival games.

I remember coming as a kid and walking around the fair and standing at the railing at the big oval to watch the jumping classes.  I remember it being one of the first places I had a bit of independence - my parents would sit in the grandstands and send me and my cousin off with $10 and instructions to come back in an hour (I figure we were around 10 at the time).  It's a weird mix of super preppy horse people and weird no-teeth carnies.  And the air smells like funnel cake.

After stopping to pick up my mom, we headed over and since it wasn't crowded, we went with General Admission.  For evenings or crowded days, the grandstand seats are nice for watching the action in the big ring.  When it's not crowded it's easy to grab a seat at a bench for some spectating.  After sitting and watching some jumping for a bit we walked around.  We eyed the shops - clothes, hats, shoes, jewelry, gifts and decor.  Everything beautiful (and overpriced).  I generally don't buy, but I always like to look.

Then we went around and played some games and did some rides!  First ride was the carousel.  Chris' first time.  He loved it and kept saying "Whooooooaaaaaah!" as he went up and down.

Sarah's an old pro though and looked natural on her horse.  Maybe lessons in her future?

Soon after that the weather took a turn and we headed up toward the food for some lunch.  We ate in the "Garden Cafe" - a little pricier but the only place to eat under cover.  Mom knows how to smile perfectly in photos.  I wish I had inherited that talent.

The rain moved out quickly and we headed back to the rides.

I agreed to go on the Ferris wheel.  Oh lordy, I am not cut out for this.  Sarah was cool as a cucumber and I was clinging to the pole in the middle of our little bucket (basket? whatever).  Oh and then when it stopped and started to let people on and off it was rocking and I was TERRIFIED.  Sarah just laughed at me, apparently you're not allowed to be scared of anything if you're a grown up.

The view from the top was great though.  Here in this pic you can see the area where all the riders are trotting around awaiting their turn in the big oval.

A little more walking around and a few more games and then Chris started in with huge yawns and it was time to go.

Of course, you can't leave without stopping by the booth for some sweets and the famous Devon Horse Show fudge!!!

YUM :)

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