Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Haircut

Some kids have a ton of thick hair requiring a haircut sometime in the first year or even first year and a half of life.  Some kids have hair that comes down and covers their eyes prompting moms to trim bangs.  My kids are not like that, both were still mostly bald at a year and now at 2 years Chris was FINALLY ready for his first haircut!

We're lucky in that we have a nice kids' salon about 5 minutes from home.  It's inexpensive, no appointments and has all the frills for the youngest customers.

Chris chose to sit in the airplane.  He went a little nuts at first with the steering wheel, but once the smock was on he was all business.

Toy Story 3 was playing on tv and he was definitely into it (which explains the vacant expression on his face).

The stylist did a great job of shaping him up and giving him more of a big-boy look.  

Since it was his first time, they saved an envelope of hair and gave him a "Certificate of Bravery".  He did great!  No tears, no fear.  Even when she busted out the clippers to clean up around the back.

I showed him how he looked and he said "I yike it!"

His favorite part?  The lollipop on the way home!

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