Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So Long May! And Birthday Fun!

Holy cow - where did May go?  Is it me or was this May shorter than usual?  Perhaps it's because I was busier or maybe the weather was better, but it just FLEW by.  And actually the whole Spring disappeared on me - the calendar in the kitchen still says February.  I'll have to put in June, but take the time to oooh and aaah over March, April, and May so they don't feel sad about being skipped.

May is over and it's time to jump straight into June which means it's time for Chris' Birthday!  Yep, my big boy hit that milestone with grace and dignity and drool on his chin.

This year's birthday celebration was much smaller and relaxed (last year's party included Jason's family who came down for the weekend).  The total guest list included the four of us, plus my parents and brother.  It was relaxed and perfect.

The theme for this year's small get-together was "general birthday with light dinosaur".

To avoid cooking we had hoagies.  So good.  These are from a local place called "Sleepy Hollow Delly".  Their spelling amuses me.


Birthday Boy opted for PBJ instead of hoagie (he's Mr. Routine)

And we had cake

I like to use Cake Mix Doctor cake recipes and then a chocolate frosting recipe from Jason's mom.

Chris opened with presents, which he just ran over to and started unwrapping.

He got a few fun things from us (dinosaur train, big ball, sand mold for a truck) and from my parents (work bench) and Jason's parents (much needed clothes - the boy changes his outfit more often than the queen!).

I was a little bummed when I realized that I didn't get a good birthday-boy shot - but he's so all over the place that it's tough to get a good posed photo, especially with stuff like cake and presents around.

All in all, it was a nice day, great weather, good food, relaxed atmosphere and almost NO dishes to clean!

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