Thursday, April 19, 2012

Front Porch Potted Plants

Spring is here and my front porch is looking a little sad, so today when the kids & I were at Home Depot, I snagged a few bright yellow pots and some peppy pink geraniums for a kid-friendly project.

I don't have my receipt in front of me, but the pots were each around $6 and the plants were each around $4.  I had potting soil in the garage already.

I love that they're plastic - they won't break with a frost and won't shatter if one of the crazy neighbor kids hits it with a football.  I also LOVE the bright color.

Step one is to break out your handy-dandy drill to put some drainage holes in the bottom of these plastic pots.  Without good drainage your plants' roots will rot or the plants may drown.  I used a 5/16ths drill bit to bust through it.

Then we used a premixed potting soil to fill the pot, creating a hole for your plant.

Carefully remove the plant from the pot - holding the pot sideways, slide the roots out.  Loosen the roots a bit and place the plant into the hole.  I like for the top of the plant's dirt to be about level with the top of the pot.

Fill in dirt around the plant and give the whole thing a press down.

Water & you're ready to go!

What do you think?  From the street I think I need some bigger planters - actually building some is a future project - but those will probably be either stained wood or painted white.  I still think I like the pop of color that these pots add.

Definitely a kid-friendly project too - Sarah loves gardening/planting/watering.

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