Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Wrap Up & Holiday Outlook

I did have a clever post title up there, but it felt a bit familiar.  I did a quick check and yeah, I used it last year - check out my post on last year's Downhill to the Holidays
It's that time again.  Time to pack up the pumpkins, trick-or-treat baskets, skeletons and ghosts.   And time to start thinking about Christmas. 
As I said last year, Thanksgiving may be getting the shaft, but the way I think of it, Thanksgiving is part of the Christmas season.  Christmas creep is a real thing - stores truly are trying to extend the holiday buying season earlier and earlier, and while I'm not a fan of seeing snowmen and canes in Target in September, it really doesn't bother me one bit in November.  And face it, as busy as we all are anymore, it's probably a good thing to start thinking about shopping a little sooner.  I've already got a few really great ideas!
Before we can dive headfirst into Christmas, I'd like to take a peek back at Halloween.
We had our little Halloween felt board project - this was a fun and easy project which would have been a lot more successful in the house if Chris hadn't ripped it off the wall.
 After that was the trip to the pumpkin patch - just your typical family fun sort of thing.  I highly recommend working this into your annual traditions.

 And you can't do Halloween without some pumpkin decorating - whether it's traditional carving, painting, or something else.  We did a little pumpkin painting this year.

And of course, we can't do a post wrapping up Halloween without sharing a picture of my two favorite Trick-or-Treaters!

Well, that's it for Halloween! 

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