Thursday, November 29, 2012

Unplanned Projects.

Thanksgiving is over.  Black Friday has come and gone.  Now is the time when we should be decorating for the upcoming holiday season!  I love Christmas.  If I didn't have a destructive toddler, I'd decorate Thanksgiving weekend and leave it all up until a week into January.  That's not happening.  I'm really not sure I could handle all the "don't touch that" and "NOOOOOO!" comments that would come along with it.  So we'll decorate little by little and may not put everything up. My sanity is worth more to me than having a picture perfect Christmas. 
I still have a ton to do this holiday season.  Shopping, baking, crafting, etc.  One thing I hadn't planned on was a wall rebuild in the dining room. 

Yes, that's right.  Here we are, 4 weeks before Christmas and we have this:
A little backstory here...

When we purchased this home in 2007, the home inspection indicated termite damage.  And there was a lot of termite damage.  Termites eat from the ground up, and they apparently LOVE the fiber board that's behind the plaster in the walls.  We replaced the interior front wall of the house from the dining room all the way past the front door and under the window in the living room.  We reinforced the floor joists.  We tore out window trim.  It was a mess.  And there was a hole in the floor - the hardwood floor.  Like you could see into the basement if you peeled the carpet back.  And we still bought this place.  

Anyway, it was about 3 weeks ago that Jason put his hand on the wall to steady himself when bending over to pick something up off the floor and his hand went through.  Turns out this wall has termite damage too.  Yuck!  So basically the hole in the wall was evidence of a problem we still had to take care of.  And so now here we are, just a few weeks away from Christmas and we're repairing a hole in the wall, and I guess we'll paint the place too!

I hope to have a final reveal of this in 2 weeks!

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  1. Oh, no! :( Termite damage sucks. Our house had some, too, but it was the previous owner who discovered it when she bought the house, so it was her problem to fix everything. At least since you discovered it, you can fix it up to your standards. Good luck!



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