Friday, July 13, 2012

Planning: Shifting Rooms

Until recently, we've been planning on having the basement be the next big project we tackle here at the house, but Chris' new trick of climbing out of bed has made it pretty obvious that moving Sarah to her own room is going to eclipse that in terms of importance.  Poor kid wakes up to Chris in her bed and jumping on her.

So here's the breakdown of moving rooms for her:

1.  Clean out downstairs room

  • purge toys
  • remove tv
  • relocate "office" in the closet and the printer
  • ditch rug
2.  Make any repairs to wall & ceiling

3.  Paint walls & ceiling (colors TBD)

4.  Curtains and shades!

5.  Desk solution (closet?)

6.  Trim out closet door casing and put up a curtain

7.  Move in!

After she's moved out of the 2nd floor bedroom, we'll need to do some work in there:

1.  Big boy bed 

2.  Curtains & bedding

3.  Repaint room

4.  Closet repairs

So that's the plan for the rest of the summer!  I think a few of these may be accomplished in July, but mostly in August.  Then we can focus our energy on the basement in the Fall. 

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