Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mod Podged Paper Towel Holder

Sometimes I just wander around my house looking at things I have and wondering if there's something I already have that could use some improvement to bring some style and color into my life or to see something I might otherwise throw away and see if I can rejuvenate it.  It was one such stroll around the house that I spotted this little gem:

This thing was purchased at Walmart (I think) in about 2003 when Jason moved from Massachusetts into a tiny apartment in West Nowhere, PA.  It made it to our apartment when we got married and then to our house when we bought it.  It's not UN-attractive, but not terribly interesting.  It's sort of a function over form sort of thing.  I've actually been planning on getting a new one at some point, but until then I could at least make THIS one look more interesting.

A simple/quick makeover was in order - paint & Mod Podge. Very easy.

I started off by disassembling the whole thing and wiping it down to make sure it was nice and clean.

Then I did a few coats of white craft paint which I already had (costs about $1 per bottle at Michael's).

I made a plain paper template (to get the size right) and then traced it onto a piece of scrapboook paper (about $0.69).

After cutting out the circle, I was ready to get my Mod Podge on!

I applied a layer of Mod Podge then paid the circle on top. I added a topcoat of Mod Podge, trying to keep it smooth and even.

I followed up with a few coats of the Podge, allowing each coat to dry for about an hour.

Then BLAM! Done :)

I think it's a little snazzier than it used to be.  I'm not sure this is a "forever" paper towel holder, but it's better than what it once was.
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