Monday, March 3, 2014

Boy's Bedroom Update - Reveal!

After a looooong day on Saturday, we're DONE with Chris' bedroom!  I gotta say, it's like night & day in terms of his ability and desire to play up there.  Saturday was the painting day - I started around 11 AM and finished at dinner time.  Chris slept down in Sarah's bedroom that night so we could air out any left over "wet paint" smells, and so we could assemble the furniture.

Let's take a look at the room before:

And here's how it is now:

What do you think?

The color is called Young Cadet - so it's a blue-gray or a gray-blue.  Depends on the lighting, time of day, and your outlook on life LOL.

We kept the bed & dresser the same as before.  We have added a new bookshelf (a 2x2 Expedit) and a toy storage/play surface (a 3 bay Trofast unit) both from Ikea.  

We also put up some vinyl wall stickers that I bought from  The showpiece (LOL) is the large Buzz Lightyear.  I know that a lot of home bloggers stay away from characters and vinyl wall stickers.  And while they're not classy or they might not be seen on the pages of design magazines, the reality I live in is that this is a bedroom & play room for a 3 year old little boy.  It's not my room, it's his and if he wants a 3 foot Buzz Lightyear, then who am I to say no?  He loves it!!  


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  1. Haha "depends on the time of day and your outlook on life"... love it! I feel the same about some of the colors in our own house! Looks great!



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