Thursday, February 27, 2014

Boy's Bedroom Update - Let's go!

Last year or so we did quite a bit with our daughter's bedroom.  It's been tons of fun to do projects in there - big ones & small ones.  A quick rundown of projects - built out the closet, painted, new trim, created a memo board, and other stuff.  It's not done either (nothing ever is LOL), but it's time to shift our focus a bit.
Poor Chris.  He's suffering as the second child (not really).  His bedroom used to be Sarah's room, so when she moved out into her big-girl bedroom, the walls were princess purple.  And they have remained princess purple ever since.  Painting it wasn't the highest priority because of a few things, not the least of which was that Chris was an extraordinarily destructive toddler.  I didn't want to scrub, patch and paint walls only to have them dinged, scratched, and scribbled on immediately.  
Well, the time has come!  The room has been adequate but a bit sparse in furnishings (but safe for his whirlwind lifestyle).  He's grown up a lot though in the last year and a half and now that he's approaching his fourth b-day, I think we can safely bring a few things back for him!
The first thing we need to do is take a look at what we're working with - BEFORE PHOTOS!!  Jason already started patching up the holes & imperfections in the walls so that's what all the white stuff is :)  

The room is long and somewhat narrow.  Plenty of space for everything we need - bed & dresser (we are keeping what we have for now), toy storage, book shelf, and plenty of space to play!

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